I took my defective hard drive to Brent and low an behold, a few days later he phoned to say that much of my data was retrieved. I was most worried about my pictures and there they where on the flash drive.

To say that I am satisfied by the $220 cost is an understatement. I would visit Brent in a heart beat if I suffered a similar hard drive crash.

Thank you, Brent

Fr. Don



When my iMac computer "crashed and burned" I thought I'd lost a lot of valuable data, including some manuscripts in preparation. Fortunately Brent was able to recover everything from my hard drive, and for a very reasonable price. I will now be backing up more often! Thanks so much Brent.



The boss's secretary said that she lost a file ...awhile ago ...Your tools pulled up a list of all the deleted files ever and she was able to figure out what it was called AND WE GOT IT BACK. That was far more than I could do for her on no information.
Thank you!

Andrew B.

Thank you, Brent and VDR!! For 7 years, we thought our precious photo and music memories were gone. Many other 'computer experts' agreed. You were able to restore everything - almost a decade of irreplaceable photos, music and life events brought back to us. People who've passed away, weddings, holidays, early years with my husband and I, etc. We're forever grateful, thank you!!! 🙂

Victoria, BC

Saved my butt!

Being a Dj, my music is my life. When I lost all my music including the one of a kind mixes I was toast. Thank you so much for saving my entire collection 🙂 You really did save my butt!

Squish Inc.

Thank you for your help! You made a terrible day into a good one 🙂


Thank you so much!

To say you saved my marriage may be a little over the top but I was not looking forward to telling my wife I deleted our wedding and honeymoon photos. Thanks again.

Brad P.


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